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Tampa Bay Area Fishing Report

September and October brings the start of fall! This means cooler weather shorter days and great fishing. September is still a very hot month but it is the turning point for many species as they head into their fall patterns. This is truly one of my favorite times to fish.

One of my favorite species this month is Redfish. September through October is the Prime Months to catch big trophy Reds. They are schooled up on the flats by the hundreds in search for just about any food you want to throw at them. In most cases a trolling motor is a must for that stealthy approach. Good places to start looking for fish are oyster bars, points, potholes, or good mangrove lines. Always try different techniques and bait. Fish are a lot like us because they don’t eat the same thing every day. They like to eat a variety of food so try using more than one bait. My preferred tackle for Redfish is Daiwa Balistic 2500 Spooled up with #10 Fins wind tammer Braided Line.  Match this with 8ft Daiwa coastal Spinning rod for longer cast. I also like #25 fluorocarbon leader matched with a 1/0 Daiichi Bleeding circle Hook. These are the right tools for the job!

Going into the later part of October is a great time to start sharpening your artificial skills for Trout fishing. Once we see a few cold fronts and the water temperature starts to hit that mid 70 degree mark the Trout fishing in Tampa Bay really starts to go insane. Trout fishing is some of the best fishing there is. They are easier to catch, limits are laxed, and they love to eat artificial bait. If your a novice with artificial then this is a great fish to start with. One of my favorite baits to throw is the DOA Shrimp, and the Terror Eyes. DOA Cal is another great one. When looking for good spots just find a healthy grass flat and good tidal movement. I also like to target potholes. Remember Trout are very slimy and this slime protects the fish so try and not handle the fish.  A de hooker makes this real easy to do. So whatever you decide to fish for the time of year I think you will have tight lines and a bent pole.

Want to book a charter and have a good day on Tampa Bay? Just give us a call on my cell 813-727-9890 or email us captjasonp@gmail.com

Capt. Jason Prieto
Steady Action Fishing Charters


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